Tuesday, September 6, 2011


There are days when I certainly know we are in some way connected to animals.  Today is one of those days.  I've been thinking about you since I got out of the shower this morning and noticed the hint of your perfume still in the bathroom.

I've spent the day thinking about what I'm going to do to you.  Now that I'm on the way home, those thoughts are leaving my mind.  I still want you, but it's a carnal desire, no romance, no carefully staged/sexually charged dinner before hand.  

I pull into the drive and come up the stairs.  You are lying on the couch, reading a magazine and barely notice my interest.  I drop my keys and walk over to you.  You look up to say hello and I bend down and take your mouth in mine.  This is not a kiss, this is almost an assault with the way I suck at your bottom lip and run my tongue inside your mouth. 

Your moan is one of surprise tinged with lust.  It certainly wasn't something you were expecting, but you're not turning it down either.  Your hands drop the magazine that shortly before had your entire attention.  My arms wrap around you, enveloping you within me. 

Our tongues begin to duel and dance as your surprise has lessened, and your lust has grown.  Your arms pull me closer to you, your nails tracing along my back.  The kiss is nice, but I want all of you, and I am going to take it. 

I reach down and part your legs and reach up your skirt.  I can feel the heat emanating from your crotch, through your panties and your pantyhose.  They are just barriers to what I really want.  I began to rub along your mons, and you respond by bucking your hips.  You begin to grunt in my mouth as your bucking increases.  I can tell that you want to come.  I want you to as well.  My fingers begin to push into you, pushing your panties and within your lips.  Normally you'd never be okay with this, you'd want to take everything off so it wouldn't get dirty, but not this evening.  You break our kiss and cry out as I begin to do this.  You moan to make you come, and your hips are pushing against my fingers, trying to take them within you.

And without any more preamble, you come, your violent cries echoing throughout our main level.  Your animalistic moans and grunts further stoke my fire and I bite down on your neck.  You cry out, knowing there will be a mark there tomorrow, but continue to ride the wave of your orgasm. 

As you begin to come down from your rapturous moment, I give you no relief.  I take both of my hands and begin ripping at the crotch of your pantyhose.  I would normally take them off, but that seems to genteel for this.  Luckily there was a tear near the crotch and the pantyhose begin to tear.  You look at me as I open you up with surprise.  "What has gotten into you?" You ask in between panting breaths. 

I say nothing and finish the task at hand.  When there is enough of a hold for me to be able to fit into I run my hand in, while pushing your panties to the side, and slide 3 fingers deep inside you.  Three is not the normal number for us, but this is not a normal evening for us either, and I want you to feel my ferocity.  You grip the edges of the couch as I take you, running my fingers in and out of you, curling along the front walls of your pussy, grazing the g-spot.  Your head jerks back, your eyes close and you begin to float on that orgasmic cloud.  You begin to chant almost, sounding like a sex-crazed monk, "Me me come, fuck me with your fingers, make me come, fuck me with your fingers..." and I happily oblige.  I press against your g-spot while using my other hand to massage your clit and your orgasm hits again.  Your cries are more intense than before, you don't sound like yourself at all, more like a hedonistic woman giving into pleasure, which in this case, you are. 

As your bliss retreats again, I withdraw my fingers and stand up.  I quickly take off my pants and discard my underwear.  You are still in that after-orgasm haze as I spread your legs as wide as they will go in the skirt you are wearing and fill you with my pulsing cock.  You pop out of your haze and look at me as I begin to slam myself into you.  I can feel our sofa moving across the hardwood floors as I take you.  This is not making love, this is fucking, in its truest, rawest sense.  Your cries begin again, and your legs wrap around me. 

I bend down and unbutton your blouse, just enough so I can get at your breast.  I pull one free from your bra and bend down to begin sucking on your nipple as slam myself into you.  I suck and nibble, flicking my tongue against your nipple.  You yelp as I bite at your nipple, but don't try to push me away.  I reach and grab your legs, and push them wide apart, allowing me to drive deeper within you.  Your skirt is bunched up around your waist now, allowing you to be splayed open.  I pull my cock almost entirely out of you before driving it back in, hard and fast, making you groan with each renewed entrance into your cunt.

I have been thinking about you all day, and my cock has been rock hard for most of it, so I don't hold out long while enveloped within your slick, warm treasure and I groan loudly as I begin to come in you.  You wrap your legs back around me to help hold me in as I spasm and spurt within you. 

As I collapse down onto you, you hold me tight and look at me.  "Wow, I'm not complaining, but what was that?" I just grin and begin to pull myself out of you.  I sit back and look at my cum, running out of you.  When we were younger, I could come and then start right back in again, but in the last few years, recovery time has become some I've had to get used to.  Not tonight.  Seeing your mauled pussy, watching our intermingled juices collect in your ripped pantyhose, my cock springs right back to life. 

I stand up and reach down and pick you up, throwing you over my shoulder.  I am glad I have been working out and can now do this.  You protest, but only for a moment and give into the evening.  This feels barbarian, but hot as well.  I walk up the stairs and take you into our bedroom.  I put you down on the bed, and as you look down at me, I kneel before you.  You begin to protest again, but I give you no chance to voice a dissenting opinion.  I dive in and begin to lick your pussy.  I can taste the saltiness of my cum, and at one point would have thought that to be disgusting, but no longer.  I can also taste your cum, and your general "honey" as well as I begin to lap my tongue against your cunt. 

Seeing that you wouldn't win any argument you tried to have with me right now, you lie back and enjoy the attention that I am giving to you.  I spread your legs wide to have better access to you, and you begin to unbutton your blouse while emitting moans and yelps of pleasure.  I move up and begin to flick my tongue upon your clit, making you cry out.  I stop before you cum again and you moan in frustration.  I move my tongue back to your pussy and dive as far as I can within you.  Your orgasm comes suddenly and you grab my head, holding me tight against you, making it hard to breathe as your orgasm overtakes you.  I can barely see you lose control, you have me so tightly pressed against your cunt.  Just as I begin to start to panic about the lack of oxygen, you loosen your grip and I gasp for air.  You don't even notice, so lost in an orgasmic state. 

I climb up on the bed, and I kiss you deeply.  You never respond to my kisses after I've eaten you, but tonight you do.  You lick at my face, tasting both of us, before I grab you and flip you over.  I push your head down against the bed, and stare at your open, inviting pussy, framed by shoved-aside panties and cum-stained torn pantyhose.  You look delicious, and I sit up and drive my cock back inside you, as deep as it will go. 

You scream at the way I enter you, so deep and hard, you feel like you are being split in two.  I offer you no respite and drive my shaft deep within you, as hard and as fast as I can.  I reach down and grab your hair as well.  We rarely do this, but tonight I pull back, forcing your head up as I hold my other hand against your hips while pistoning in you.  You cry out, and come again, the submissiveness of the act overwhelms you, and your body explodes. 

As I feel your orgasm, I feel mine growing again, and let it go.  I growl and shoot another load of come deep within you, groaning your name as I fill you.  We both collapse on the bed, me on top of you while my cock grows flaccid and comes out of you.  You giggle as you feel more cum drip out of you.  "Do you want some more?" you ask.  I laugh and say I do, but not without a water break first. 


  1. That was extremely hot ... I think it also shows how there shouldn't be rigid boundaries in the physical intimacy between two people. Fucking and making love, don't have to be mutually exclusive.

  2. Wow! This is the hottest story I think I've ever read! Lucky woman, your wife. I would love my man to treat me this way on occasion...a wonderful surprise it would be!

  3. My God! This is hot beyond words! You are an extremely descriptive talented writer and lover it would seem. Your wife is very lucky to have found someone so attentive and understanding; there is so much difference between making love and fucking.