Friday, January 6, 2012

What Is The Biggest Turn-On?

So it's Friday again (yay!) and so that means Formspring Friday again. I know a couple of others are playing, namely Frisky in the 916, Tales From Under Our Covers, and Cougar in Training. Go check it out, it's going to be a thing.

What’s the biggest turn on and turn off in the opposite sex? Same sex?

So women are a big turn-on for me, as they are for most men. I can tell you most any part of a woman's body is erogenous in some way. But there are parts that stand out over others of course. And for me, we start with legs.

Legs are the ultimate for me, I love to see a woman in a dress or skirt. And S knows that, and I'm sure has used it to her advantage at some point in our relationship.

But there are other parts to a woman's body that are a turn-on for me as well. I'd say a woman's eyes, her smile, and her hips are all areas that I find sexy. I like breasts, but not nearly as much as most men. Same thing with butts, they're cool and all, but I'm definitely not a butt man.

Now what about the opposite sex? Well I really have never been attracted to another man before. So there's not anything I really find attractive, dudes are dudes, and are best for watching sports and drinking beer with I think.


  1. I admire your answer, because for me it's way too hard to name a single thing that is my primary turn-on in women. I'll go into greater depth when we answer this question on a future Formspring Friday, but for me it depends on the woman; the thing that most turns me on about Jill (admittedly something difficult to pin down) is not necessarily the same thing that turns me on about a former girlfriend, or even someone to whom I am currently attracted. There is no single physical thing, as far as I can tell, that turns me on about all women.


  2. I love how everyone has different turn-ons. I have never been a leg guy. Although they can look sexy, that has never been something that has attracted me to a women. Like you though, I am not really a breast or butt man. I'm a face man. Cute face and I am all yours.

    Love your answer for dudes.