Monday, February 27, 2012

She Takes Control

I had a request from a reader of the blog to write a story where the woman is dominant in a sexual situation.  This has been something I've explored in the past and found very interesting and am always happy to oblige a reader.  Do you have something you'd like me to write about?  Just drop me a line, and I'll see what I can do.  Enjoy.

She loved it like this.  They enjoyed playing different games in the bedroom, and about once a month, both of them felt like she should be in control.  It wasn't anything that they wanted on a permanent basis, but it was a fun little thing to roleplay from time to time.  Of course those in the scene would bitch and whine about the fact that they are "roleplaying" but they both felt that sex was about what the two of them wanted and didn't give a damn what anyone else thought.

So tonight, he had arrived home before her, and gone upstairs and undressed.  He had put on a pair of boxer briefs, and his erection strained against the fabric.  She had also requested that he wear a necktie, but no shirt with it, and he did as asked.  When they made the plans for this evening, she had told him to have dinner ready and be waiting when she arrived at 7:30.  After straightening the house a bit, he made a light pasta for them and was ready when she arrived at precisely 7:30.  Knowing her, she had been sitting in the driveway for awhile and waited to make sure she was exactly on time.  He entered the foyer as she closed the door and bowed his head as he greeted her.  "Good evening Mistress," he said.

"Hello my man, you look delicious.  Here, take my things," she said as she handed him her briefcase and a bag.  He took the items and carried them to the hall closet and when he returned he saw that she was not dressed as she had been when she left for work.  She was now wearing a black button-up shirt, but many of the buttons were undone and her lacy black bra was visible.  She was also wearing a very short black mini-skirt, black stockings and tall black high heels.  Her hands were now also resting on her hips.  It was clear that she was waiting on him to finish enjoying his view and begin the rest of the evening.

He quickly did so and led her to the dining room where he served her dinner.

They sat, making idle chit-chat about their days and so forth before he cleaned the dishes from the table.  Part of the game and fun for her was him doing the dishes that evening, and she wandered into the kitchen, watching him stand at the sink scrubbing in just a pair of boxer briefs, necktie and apron.  After he was finished he turned and approached her.  She turned and had him follow her into the living room.  She pointed at the couch and he went and laid on it for her.  She walked over and looked him up and down, examining her prize for the evening.  Satisfied that he was ready she climbed on the couch and pulled her skirt up, exposing her pantyless crotch for him and knelt so that she was sitting on his face.  He had admitted several times that this turned him immensely when she knelt in this position, and she gave him one command; "Make me cum until I tell you to stop," she said and let her cunt come to rest on his face.

He happily obliged with her command.  He lapped at her outer pussy lips with gusto, making her moan and shiver as he explored deeper with his tongue.  His hands gripped her thighs, pulling her body to his tongue, as she assisted by humping back and forth as well.  He would occasionally move to her clit, sucking and nibbling on the nub, and on those times she would wrap her fingers in his hair and cry out.  After a few moments he would always move away, he knew she never liked to cum too soon in this position.  They stayed like this for more than thirty minutes, he going from licking her pussy lips to penetrating her now gaping sex with his tongue, to nibbling on her clitoris.  She cried out in orgasm three times during this period before she decided that she was ready for more from him.

She broke their embrace and raised her shivering body from his tongue.  She could tell by looking in his eyes he was ready to continue and was almost sad that she had moved her sex from his mouth.  She loved how much he enjoyed oral sex and on nights like this took full advantage of his talents.  "Follow me," was all she said as she turned and walked towards the bedroom.  Once they entered, she went and sat on the bed and pulled him down to her by the necktie.
She pulled him down beside her and attacked his mouth, lapping at him, tasting her musky scent as their tongues danced against each other.  Their arms reached for each other, and they were in a deep embrace when she broke the kiss.  "Remove your clothes and remember the rule for tonight, you cannot cum until I say you can, right baby? she asked with a wicked grin on her face.  He nodded compliantly, removing his clothes and answering in the affirmative.  They resumed their makeout session, their bodies undulating and thrusting with desire as they continued to kiss deeply and fondle.
As he broke their kiss and begin to go down and suckle on her nipples as she loved so much she reached down and grabbed his cock in her hands.  She played with it, enjoying the feel of it straining against her hand and knowing he wouldn't cum until she told him she could.  They had played this game many times before and she found that he always loved this part, her teasing him, bringing him close to the edge but drawing back right at the last second.  It was a game that could go on for hours, but usually she got greedy and wanted his cum at some point.

They continued to kiss and fondle, with him slipping his fingers inside her pussy to bring her to another satisfying orgasm before she had him move before her.  She was ready to feel his cock, but not his cum, and was determined to make him beg for release before she would grant it.
"You want to fuck me, don't you baby?" she asked him as his cock sat just beyond the outer lips of her pussy.

"Yes Mistress, I want to be in you so badly," he answered and thrust his hips a little bit towards her.  It was almost imperceptible, but she could feel the movement and knew that she had him aching to enter her and to have his release.  She teased him for several more moments, running her hands along his body, feeling of his cock, placing it right at his entrance, before pulling back again.  His eyes were closed and he was breathing hard, the anticipation almost palpable.  When she felt like he could take no more, she pushes his cock deep within her, and they both cry out as he pushes himself fully into her.  They both moaned and gasped with sounds of pleasure as he pumped his cock deep within her, filling her pussy with thrust after thrust.  She held him where he was, on his knees before her, pumping into her, and grabbed his arms as they continued to copulate.

As they continued to fuck, he knew that she would love to have another orgasm, and reached down with his hand and began to play with her clit.  He continued to pump into her and in this position was always able to manipulate her clitoris, bringing another orgasm crashing down upon her.
She cried out in orgasm as he continued to work on her clit, bringing another crashing down onto her.  As she began to come down, she looked at him and said, "Don't cum yet, understand?" and he only nodded.  They continued to fuck, him driving himself into her, her gripping his arms and crying out.  Every few minutes he would stop thrusting entirely and hold himself perfectly still within her.  She knew that he was close to cumming and had stopped to make sure he didn't spill over the edge.  She of course teased him during these moments by clenching her muscles, tightening her grip on his cock deep within her.

After about thirty minutes of this, and two more orgasms for her, she decided she wanted to see him explode for her ad ordered him out of her cunt.  He did as told and stood before her at the edge of the bed.  She sat up and moved her hand to his cock.  She then ran her hand up and down his cock slowly and lightly.  He moaned and groaned as her touch was bringing him close, but not quite close enough to actually orgasm.  She would take a moment and stroke him harder bringing him closer to release, before moving back to the feather touch.  She grinned at his torment.  He was enjoying every second of it, but she knew that she had to bring him off soon and shifted back to the stronger grip.  After only a few more seconds his breathing shortened, and he asked; "May I cum Mistress?"

She said "Yes my pet, cum for me," as she continued to stroke him and seconds later he cried out loudly and spurt after spurt of his semen shot from his penis, and she moaned as her blouse, and skirt and stockings were covered in the sticky mess.
After he finished he collapsed onto the bed beside her and they cuddled for a few minutes.  Their playtime was almost over, but there was still one thing left.  "You made such a mess pet, you have to clean me up now, don't you?" she said as she fondled his now softening cock.  He nodded and moved to lick clean every area that he had soiled, and she made sure to smear some of his cum across her pussy so that he'd make sure to clean that up as well.

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