Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A List of Wishes

Free image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net

This week’s TMI Tuesday idea is brought to you by Mistress Gail who was inspired by the handy little app that allows you to add anything to your Amazon gift list–the universal wish list button.

Let your imaginations run free because we want to know what secret something or someone you’d add to your wishlist.

 1. We all know and love a Top 10 list, who or what is number one on your wishlist?

Okay since this is a sex blog, we'll make the wish list sex related.  I'm sure you don't want to know about the new cookbook on my Amazon wish list right now, right?  So, if I had a sex wish list, who or what is number one?  Thinking of who first, I'd say that I'd like to see S as my number one, with someone else.
For an item that is number one on a wish list, I'd say the Mio by Je Joue right now, it looks like a lot of fun. 

2. Tell us 2 naughty things you’d put on your wishlist and 2 more naughty or nice things you’d add to the list.

Well for 4 naughty things on the wish list, I'd say the Jopen Vanity Vr5, S to wear the new silk stockings that I've recently purchased for her, for S to war a Playboy Bunny costume at some point, like this one, and a weekend in a hotel just me and S with unlimited energy for all the sex we could have.

3. Your order has been mixed up and instead of your selected gift you receive Fireman Sam (see http://mollysdailykiss.com/2011/12/07/inflation/). What do you do?

You know what I'd do with Fireman Sam?  Blow him up and put him in my front seat so I can use the carpool lane on the interstate.  Great use of him I do believe.

4. The miss-delivery is sorted and you get the right order. Because of the mix-up you’ve also received a free gift voucher for one of many new accessories available to enhance your new wishlist item. What do you choose?

I'd say with the free voucher we'd choose some new lube.  You can never have enough of that on hand, and is always useful in a pinch.

 5. Your best friend arrives at your back door just as the courier (who is to die for) arrives at the front door with your accessory delivery. What do you do? (choose one)
a) usher your friend away because it’s ALL YOURS! and you can’t wait, let alone share
b) tell your friend to come inside with the intent to have them join in
c) what the heck, two’s company, four’s an orgy! (invite the courier in as well)

I know I should say b or c, but I'll say A.  My buddies and I talk about sex, but in a roundabout way.  "I got some last night," "You hit that," etc.  We don't get into too much detail, and I don't think any of them want me sharing lube with them!

Bonus: Do you have a real wish list in the works? If yes, what’s on it?

I have an Amazon wish list with regular stuff on it.  You know cookbooks, regular books (yes some of us still read actual books), DVD's, etc.  I've never made a sexy Amazon wish-list, that gives me some ideas.


  1. We love to cook. Accordingly, yeah, we're kinda intrigued by the cookbook you mention in #1. :)

    Excellent alternate use for Fireman Sam! We hope he doesn't get cited for indecent exposure, though.

    I've never had an Amazon wish list. I've always been the sort to just buy something I want or need, and not save it for a special occasion. But I'm tempted to start one.


  2. OH I could spend hours on Amazon there and Wayfair are my choices for not naughty purchases. Like you I chose the naughty route.. Fireman sam, despite my constant horniness for firemen did NOT trip my trigger in the least.

  3. Mio does look like fun. I've been contemplating buying it as a gift for the boyfriend. And myself, haha. Though I for one am curious about the cookbook, too. :D

    I still read regular books, too. And will far into the foreseeable future. Love the smell and feel of a book in my hand versus some techy e-reader. :p

    Enjoyed your answers! Happy Tuesday!

  4. Cookbooks, eh? that could be taken an alternative way too ;)

    Love your use for Sam! I agree with Jack though, better make sure he's well dressed for the job at hand!!

    ~Kazi xxx

  5. Loved your answers this week, especially the one about Sam. Makes me wonder how long you could get away with it.

    Amazon is an amazing place for out-of-print books and random independent movies that I can't find anywhere else. Sadly, though, I don't have a wishlist with them. Maybe I should start one too.


  6. Your weekend of unlimited hotel sex sounds wonderful. And I LOVE your carpool buddy idea!!