Friday, April 27, 2012

Loving Another

So it's Friday again, so we all know what that means; Formspring Friday!  For those new to the game, there's a box on the side of this here blog where you can ask me anything, and I mean anything and I'll answer it.  Lots of us play along, look on Twitter for the hashtag #FormspringFriday and you'll see what everyone is talking about this week.  Now on to the question.

Do you still have feelings for someone from your past? Would you be hurt if your current partner had feelings for someone from his/her past?

Thanks for the question.  I think we all have nostalgic feelings for our first loves and all that, but I think what the question is asking is whether I'm still holding a torch for someone else.  The answer unequivocally is no.  The closest thing would be my high school girlfriend just because of the way things ended, we drifted apart more than anything and both of us were too proud to admit something was wrong.  It was a good relationship, better than most I had in college and would have lasted longer if we'd put some work in.  But we were seventeen, what did we know?

S gets incredibly jealous of women and me.  Not of women friends and such, but women who blatantly flirt with me, and I'm so blind about that that I never even notice.  So it would really hurt her if I still held a torch for someone and I would be hurt if the situations were reversed.  I will give you an example of S getting jealous of a woman.  We were visiting S' family in her home state six or seven years ago now.  I was wearing an ironic hipster t-shirt because that's what I was wearing then that said "I'm Big in Europe."  Of course that meant I was a huge star in Europe, like David Hasselhoff, but not here.  Anyway we had to go to the mall for something and I wandered into a store while shopping and the woman behind the counter of said store asked if she could help me with anything.  I told her I was just browsing and that is when she looked at my shirt.  The she asked me "How big are you in Europe?"  That in itself would be a harmless play on my t-shirt's phrase.  But she held out her hands apart from each other and as she asked kept moving her hands farther and farther apart, in a way that was asking about how big I was in a totally different fashion.  She smiled, winked and started to come out from behind the counter.  Now I'm dumb with reading signs, but even I knew what all that meant.  I said thanks and exited the store.

I found S and her family and shortly thereafter we left the mall.  In the car driving back, it was just S and I and I told her my story.  She got angry, not in the oh how cute way, but as in, if we were still in the mall she might have gone to that store and said something to the woman way.  She still brings it up today.  She admits she gets jealous and has said several times how she couldn't understand how my previous girlfriends let me get away.  So there's my funny story I've been meaning to tell for awhile.  Now ask me anything, the dirtier the better really.


  1. I am on Formspring, looks like I need to be spending more time there huh. Carry a torch, no. Still would like to screw, yep, nothing more. You know that one person that you never screwed and you always wondered. That kind of thing.

  2. Very thoughtful answer! Thanks for putting so much thought into it. Your mall story was amusing, as was your admission of being blind to flirting most of the time. I've dated women who would actually confront someone who flirted with me. It's nice to be wanted, I guess, but that sort of scene was never easy to deal with.