Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Welcome Home

She's waiting, just like he told her.  Black lacy undergarments, a black mask and black stockings complete the outfit.  Her head is near the edge of the bed just like he told her.  When he'd called earlier she knew she was in for a fun evening by the tone of his voice.  He was never sexier than when he was like this.

She heard him come in the door to the house.  Now she could hear his footsteps on the stairs.  She wanted to touch herself so badly but he'd said not too.  If she held off he promised her more pleasure than she could handle and she knew he was good to his word.  Her breath caught as she heard the bedroom door open.

She saw his smile as he looked up and down her body.  She could see from the rise in his trousers that she made him hard and she loved having that power.  He walked over and ran his hands along her body.  She tried to sit up, but he pushed her back down.  His hands felt fantastic as they ran across her thighs she wanted his cock so badly at this moment.

And it seemed like he was going to oblige her, he began to unzip his pants and release his manhood.  But quickly he'd moved around and suddenly she was staring at his throbbing cock, mere inches from her mouth.  She opened her mouth wide and he pushed himself inside.  He groaned loudly as he felt her tongue begin to run up and down his shaft.

Then he surprised her again as she felt his mouth on her sopping pussy.  His body was atop hers, though he was still standing and they engaged in a vigorous 69, each trying to bring the other off first.  Both of them began to buck their hips, their bodies betraying how close to release they actually were when she cried out, nearly biting down on his cock as her orgasm swept over her.  Hearing her cries sent him over the edge and moments later he was moaning into her pussy as she shot spurt after spurt of cum into the back of her throat.

Once their orgasms waned he moved his head to her thigh, kissing in the area just above her stocking tops and she let his cock escape from her mouth, but she still kissed it.  What a welcome home.


  1. Mmm a nice story... tell me, did you take the photo (and so that is indeed your lovely wife) because of the story or write the story because of the photo?

  2. Mmmm great story and I love that pic, what a nice tease!!

    ~Kazi xxx

  3. Hot story! It's rare that we read a well-written sixty-nine in a piece of erotica. And the picture is a great accompaniment! Love the mask.