Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sexy Movies

The other night while flipping through the channels, I saw "The Thomas Crown Affair" (the 1999 remake) for probably the 30th time.  I've always liked that movie, and especially the love scene between Pierce Brosnan and Renee Russo is smoldering.  S agreed as well.  So that got me to thinking about the hottest movies/scenes that I've enjoyed.  I'm going to list a few below.

1. Love and Other Drugs- An okay film with some really hot scenes, and I have a big soft spot for Anne Hathaway, so this movie makes the list.

2. Eyes Wide Shut- I really didn't like this movie a lot but was excited when it came out.  I was intrigued by Kubrick's films and interested to see how he handled this subject matter, and I was in college and a sexy movie that was a legit film was cool.  The party/ceremony scene is incredible, and the whole tone has a certain vibe to it.

3. The World Is Not Enough- Not the best Bond film by far, but Sophie Marceau was in my mind the sexiest villain in the entire series.  She was the one that oozed sexiness in the movie, Denise Richards didn't come off well at all.  The outfit Marceau wore in the climatic action was hot.

4. Cruel Intentions- This came out while I was in college, and it was another really bad movie with some sexy bits.  Nothing quite as sexy as Sarah Michelle Gellar's character teaching another girl how to kiss.  If you haven't seen that scene, watch it on Netflix, skip the rest of the movie.

5. Fear- A mid-90's movie that was the jumping off point for both Resse Witherspoon and Mark Wahlberg the movie follows a predictable pattern, but there is a scene where the two are on a roller coaster and Mark Wahlberg's character gives Reese Witherspoon's character an orgasm, to the tune of "Wild Horses" covered The Sundays there.  Again worth it on Netflix for that scene alone.

Those are some movies that are sexy, but mostly vibes and scenes that are turn-ons.  What gets you going?


  1. I have to admit to a girly affection to Ghost ... although I expect most men to go "yuck." My hubby on the other hand has a thing for the old classics, his favourite being Casablanca; which I have learned to really appreciate over the years.

    Another that comes to mind is the very disturbing, but hot, scene in Monsters Ball between Halle Berry and Billy Bob Thornton.

  2. I've said on our own blog how much I dig Anne Hathaway. Haven't seen Love and Other Drugs, as my knowledge of Anne's work is pretty much limited to The Princess Diaries and Havoc, where she famously got naked.

    Though hardly a stellar Bond film, I remember liking certain things about The World is Not Enough. Of course, Denise Richards wasn't even in the top 100. In fact, she's a large part of the reason why I dislike the movie. Her line delivery was wooden, and I just couldn't buy her as a nuclear physicist.

    The kissing scene in Cruel Intentions was awesome. I rewound that one more than a few times.

    One of my favorites is Two Moon Junction. Yeah, it's essentially a softcore film, but it stars Sherilyn Fenn, one of the actresses from Twin Peaks, and I first saw it in the early '90s, when Twin Peaks was huge.


  3. Probably hands down for me it's Lady Beware starring Diane Lane.

    I actually liked Cruel Intentions, except for the girl kissing scene. Any instance of pop culture trying to convince the world that all women are lesbians annoys me to no end. I expect men would be just as annoyed if they couldn't get through a day without someone telling them that all men are tongue kissing their guy friends.

  4. Cruel Intentions is one of my favorite movies because of Sarah Michelle Gellar and Ryan Phillippe. I loved seeing Gellar play a seductress and Phillippe was just plain hot.

    Bound, a movie playing off a film noir style, is a good one too. I loved how Jennifer Tilly's character seduces Gina Gershon's character. Tilly's voice was incredibly sexy. Just hearing the line "Do I make you nervous, Corky" gets me going.

    Hands down win, though, would be Room in Rome. The two main characters are naked most of the film, but I loved how their nudity wasn't always erotic. It was a nice balance of the sexual and the ordinary. The slip into their own different language also made some of the scenes much more exciting, so to speak.