Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Touch Me, Tease Me

I am lying in bed, listening for your movements.  My arms are tied to the bed, my eyes covered in a lace blindfold I am yours to do with as you please.  I want to feel your touch so badly.  I want your fingers inside me, fucking me, making me cum for you.  I want your tongue on me, kissing my thighs, biting my nipples, biting my lip, licking my pussy.  I want your cock in me, pumping into me, pounding me.

But none of that has occurred yet.  All I can hear are very slight footsteps in the room as my ears strain to deduce what you are getting ready to do to me.  I can see your face in my minds' eye, the sly grin of knowing what is to come and watching me squirm and writhe as I wait for you.

Then I feel something on my body, it's as light as a feather.  Then I realize that it is what is running along my torso, and rounding my nipples.  I arch my back to receive more than the just the lightest of touches that you are providing, but to no avail.  You run the feather down one of my legs, and then back up another.  You brush it ever so slightly against my pussy and I moan out.  I am on fire and need your touch, but none is forthcoming.  The feather and you go away.

I slump back against the bed, my breath heavy with anticipation, wanting you and your touch so badly.  Every moment seems to last forever and my ears strain once again to hear what you are doing.  Was that rustling?  What are you doing?

Then you grab my thighs and spread my legs open.  I almost cry out in joy at the feel of your touch, the promise of more.  Now the vibrator slides in, I feel it stretching my entire being.  It is big and filling and everything I wanted.  I make no attempt to stifle my cry of pleasure as the phallus comes to life deep inside me, the buzzing sensations filling my ears as the vibrations rumble throughout my sex.

I am lost in a world of pleasure, there is nothing but the toy and my body, working together for a common goal.  You are holding the toy, but otherwise I feel nothing from you.  You're teasing me still.  And then I feel it.  Your tongue running along my stockinged thigh, up and down, dangerously close to my sex and the toy that is bringing me so close.  I pull against the restraints, my moans and cries of pleasure grow louder and more unrestrained.

Then you move quickly up my body and I feel the heat of your breath on my body and my ear.  You then say one word in that deep rumbly voice you get when we're like this, the voice that will make me do anything for you.  "Cum." you say, and my body immediately replies.  I didn't realize I was so close and then I am there, enveloped by the pleasure my mind reeling at what I am feeling.  I pull at the restraints again and cry out.  I don't want this to ever end, but I feel like I'm going to explode if I feel this much pleasure for one more second.  My body feels like it is unraveling, and it's all because of you.

Slowly I begin to descend from the peak of my orgasmic bliss and I can feel your arms encircling me, holding me as I cum down.  I feel tears dropping and I am overwhelmed.  I never imagined it could be like this.  My body is exhausted, but responds immediately to your touch as your hand settles on my sex, now empty and wanting from the removal of the toy.

"Now I am going to have you," you say and I feel you move down the bed.  I sigh and spread my legs wider, ready for what you planned next.


  1. I love your ability to write from a woman's perspective, and I envy you that talent.


  2. This is a very hot story, thanks for sharing it!

  3. Well written, makes me long for a shared session of my own :)

    ~Kazi xxx

  4. I have really got to stop reading these when I have NO way to help myself at the moment.. very hot and having been in that situation before, pretty much dead on.